Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Day 53

Still doing the eating (or lack of eating!) thing. It's going OK. So long as I don't weigh myself, I'm fine. Trying to convince myself that on this wet, Autumnal day, I would love to go for a swim before work. I still haven't managed to convince myself.

Did anyone else watch No Sex Please, We're Teenagers? I had to tape this as it was on Blurb night and had it on series link on Sky Plus and it failed to tape the last one! I was enjoying watching their progress so much and didn't even get to see how it ended. So frustrating. It's good to see that the youth team involved are trying to roll out a programme across the country. I wouldn't mind trying a pilot Romance Academy...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

a new retail development for norwich

Well after months of building and speculation, the new Chapelfield development is open! I thought it was disappointing at first as it reminded me of a very old fashioned shopping centre in Preston, probably dating from the 60's. On reflecting, it's light and airy and fairly simple, ie no gimmicks, which I think is a good thing. The ground floor level, accessed via the old Woolworths entrance on St. Stephens St. is fairly humdrum. The obligatory and rather annoying Clinton's, Timpsons, O2 and Claire's. So far, so similar to the Castle Mall. The upper floor however seemed to have a more upmarket feel to it with stores like French Connection, Elle, Esprit, Monsoon and Mango. Lots of new names to Norwich: Zara in particular is nice and affordable. THe best part about this floor for me was that it leads out into the open, yes! Into the real outside! On the map that was handed out by one of maybe 100 people hired to welcome visitors, it is called Chapelfield Plain. There are shops on either side of a fairly open, well almost square (like a market square. Yesterday there was a drumming band. They were very good. It added atmosphere and excitement. There are places to sit and then the path continues past a church and graveyard and comes out onto Theatre Street. This was my favourite area. There is a third level that has the food court and I only had a brief look. There's Garfunkels (but I'm thinking the family may well have out grown it! GOne are the days when we used to go with Grandad so we could all be accomodated!), MacDonalds, Pizza Hut, Spud-U-Like etc
I will not be eating there.

All in all: it's just another place with shops! We all spend too much in our society and I have an uneasy sense that as people have little to eat and are not safely housed, that spending on the latest top with sequins or a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, is just one indulgence too far. This doesn't mean I won't be spending time there or probably even money. I got a money off voucher for Boots that I will be using. Also Hotel Chocolat was a shop of lovely chocolate indulgence and it maybe a place where I buy some Christmas gifts. I guess in my own head I need to clarify what is acceptable expenditure and what is wasteful. This is hard and I guess a personal decision. The ethics of my spending power are becoming a difficult concept to get my head around. I like a skirt in H&M, I need a skirt, I can afford it and now I have to think to myself in what conditions and by whom was this made? Where were the materials sourced and what damage did the dyes do to the surrounding area? Will this skirt give me several years of wear?

So yes I will be spending but I doubt it will be very much and I doubt that they will want to attract my meagre custom. But I do have three consuming daughters (one of which has already bought stuff there!) without the same moral dilemmas whizzing around their heads. And judging by the crowds there yesterday, I really don't think that a lack of business is going to be an issue for them.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Computer Probs

I came home from work on Tuesday evening to discover that the computer had packed up and I wasn't able to do Blurb. Computer has now been to the equivalent of computer hospital and is now clawing it's way back to batter health. It appears that some graphics programmes wern't responding and needed replacing but also on investigation yesterday Julian found some hidden virus/spyware.
This of course has been inconvenient because I needed to do Blurbchat and because I have my folder work to complete, so I'm up early today and desperate to do some work. I just hope I can pick up the momentum again.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

2 Prayers and Offensive Jokes

Firstly the prayers:

Lord as most children and young people go back to school today, I pray that you will bless, protect and guide them in this next step in their lives. I pray that you will keep them safe from harm. Give them friends who love and adults who will listen. Help them to learn and grow and achieve all you have gifted them with. In Jesus name Amen

Lord, I thank you that I have made some headway with my competence folders. I pray that you will help me to focus on having at least 3 completed by September 17th. Remove any blocks and help me to write whatever is needed in order to meet the criteria. Amen

I have been interested to read on the Ship of Fools a debate stemming from the religious intolerence laws. As part of this, they have requested that people send in Christian jokes. They have then put each one up to be graded on it's funniness and it's offensiveness. People are then invited to pass comments on why it is/is not funny and offensive (or not!). I'm not going to post the jokes here (go look them up if you're interested!) but I am interested in the debate. I think jokes can depend on the delivery, who is saying them and in what situation. I didn't find many of them offensive. Infact I think the word offensive doesn't cover it for me. A couple I thought "That's not funny." and I suppose that may be the because I don't find the subject matter comedic. One I felt was racist but it bordered on being funny. It was interesting for me to break it down I think it was that I wasn't expecting the punchline. I also think that if the person telling it had been Indian on a programme like "Goodness Gracious Me", it would have been funny. A lot of people found the Catholic priest=paedophile jokes offensive but I'm unsure. A couple were close to the bone (bordering on sharp intake of breath) but very clever.

Jokes- definately a serious matter...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Additional films

Spiderman 2- we watched it this evening and I thought it was better than the first. Quite good and a pleasant way to spend the evening.

The Vigin Suicides- I watched this a few weeks ago and I really loved the atmosphere and the uncertainty it provoked. It reminded me of Picnic at Hanging Rock in its "feel". It gave no answers but it is a beautiful film.

Films and TV

Lots of films and plenty of TV for me recently.

Girl with a Pearl Earring- this looked really pretty and the slow pace had a very "bookish" feel to it but at the end of the day, it didn't have enough plot or unfortunately enough emotional intensity to sustain a feature film.

Mona Lisa Smile- Unfortunately this was a disappointment to me. A big disappointment. The theme of a traditional all girls college and an unconventional tutor was a really good premise for tension and revelation. It just didn't happen. ANd the way that "Mona Lisa SMile" was shoehorned in so we got why the film was called that was laughable.

Strictly Ballroom- this was entertaining but a trifle disappointing for me.An interesting idea for a story but it was a bit "TV movie"ish.

Lenny- only saw half of this but it looked fairly arty and was probably really riske for the early 70's. An interesting if a little depressing insight into the life of Lenny Bruce (played by Dustin Hoffman)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban- my favourite book and best of the three movies by far. Not too long, very dark and a visual treat.

LOST- it took me a while to get into this but I think I'm hooked, although it is flawed. I find the music heavy handed and even after 6 episodes I can see an annoying formula to the structure of it. But I love the characters and the drip feeding of the back story and at the end of the episode I always want more. A good sign. I will stick with it.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Day 28= 4 weeks!

Well who would have thought I'd stick the plan for a month! I feel better but get sad thinging how little difference it has made. I guess I just want instant results! I'm not really missing sweet things that much but I am missing bread. I should really confess that I am having bread but limiting it. That's the only thing I'm really craving.

I need to have a blog celebration of Lauren's GCSE results which were fantastic! They were: 4 A*'s, 6A's and 1 B. She did so well and I feel really proud! I just hope that 6th form goes well now...