Sunday, February 14, 2010

365 experiment

I went to see Laura Solon at the Arts Centre on Wednesday night which I enjoyed very much. Those of you that know me know that venturing out at 8.30 on a cold, February, midweek evening goes against my hibernating instincts which are very strong at this time of year. Still, I made the effort and was rewarded with a good show and a not-too-late finish. I have to push myself to not be a boring old fart (especially at this time of year)- this is why I have Julian who wants to drag me to everything bless him.
While I was at the Arts Centre, I had a good look at the photography exhibition there called Project 365 to document a year in 365 photographs.
As ever I thought 'That's a good idea! Maybe I could do something similar with words.'
So maybe I will...



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