Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Harvest

Today we go to Spring Harvest- I'm assuming everyone who reads this blog knows what that is.
But don't fear, I will endeavour to report back on what happens when I get back.
In the meantime, a prayer:

Lord, I pray that as people set out with expectant hearts today, you will grant them a smooth journey to Skegness.
I ask Lord that you will anoint the speakers and those who you have charged with leading us.
Grant them peace in their hearts I pray.
I ask that you will meet each person of our church group and tell the things they need to hear.
I pray that strong friendships will be formed and current friendships strengthened.
In Jesus name,

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things at the moment...

Here I am blogging at 6.30 on Wednesday morning.
I'm tired.
I have a cat who might be ill and has been in for a couple of nights
And he likes to make his presence known.
I have a lot to do at work
Meetings with visionaries
Nice but tiring
A meeting with the full team
Some want to be there others don't
I have important stuff to tell them either way
Still trying to get my head around the JAR (Joint Area Review).
Some contracts are renewed some are not.
Interviews taking place-
Feeling the pressure of trying to find the Right Person.
A very messy desk to clear
And something that should have been sorted out in September still lurking.
At home, a house full of daughters-
I tend to find there's a lot to be done as I walk through the door at 5.30,
Unload the dishwasher,
Clear plates, salad cream and dirty tissues from living room,
Trying to Unhear the arguments "she did this", "my turn for the TV",
Make something quick and nutritious for tea,
Replace essentials at a very close shop.
Then it could well be an evening where 2/3's of my offspring go out so
I might be on driver duty.
And I really should go out to a youth club in Earlham tonight in order to talk to some young people about their aspirations.
And there's no point in doing that unless I'm going to write it up
And really I should be getting a real move on in writing it up
Because time is running out
But then it's running out in whatever I'm doing.
My seedlings aren't very demanding however.
They sit on my window sill and grow very slowly.
I give them water every day and they grow.
Very rewarding.
And if I make it through to August
I could well have some strawberries and peppers to show for my patience.
Even if I don't my seedling represent peace in my hectic world,
For which I'm grateful.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Ethical dilemma

Would be interested to know what Carl thinks of this. The story is of a deaf couple who if they opt to have a child by IVF will be forced to have a child that is hearing if the selection of embryos on offer has one that is hearing. They say they would rather have a deaf child.

Julian Savulescu, director of the Oxford Centre of Applied Ethics says
"Given that we are looking at such at a very small number of people, I think we can afford to be quite liberal about this. Deafness is a disability, but it is not one that stops people having a life that's worth living - and if there are a handful of people out there who want a deaf child, they can find a doctor who will help them, and they are prepared to pay for it, then so be it."

Hmm, I'm not sure I agree. What do you think?

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Shannon vs Maddy

Oh dear. A 9 year old working class girl has been missing for two weeks. The Sun has put up a £20, 000 reward and this has been added to by local man Winston Bedford. At £500, it's all he can afford.
This is in contrast to a pretty little girl who went missing in the summer. I can't quite remember how much was offered as a reward but it was in the millions (£2.6?).
And the difference in the cases?
  • Looks- Maddy wins hands down
  • Middle class parents- complete with media skills
  • Location- Praia da Luz so much nicer than Dewsbury Moor
  • Foreigners- they're just so inept
  • Mundane situation- holiday vs walking home from school in a drab area
Comparison article


Thursday, March 06, 2008


Apparently 27-28th February was E-Day- a day for people and businesses to go out of their way to cut consumption of electricity. I knew nothing about this.
It would appear that not very many people knew about it either as consumption went up by 0.1% that day instead of down. What a shame!
Let's hope that Earth Hour 2008 has more publicity and a bigger impact.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Childhood is over at 11?

It must be study time because here's another blog!

Children's author Jacqueline Wilson is quoted as saying

"I think children act like adults at an alarmingly early age. It's good that we want the best for our children nowadays, but perhaps we should remember they are only children and need a little loving guidance."

in this BBC report. This is response to her publisher's survey which garnered these responses:

  • 71% of parents allow their children to drink alcohol at home before they turn 18

  • 45% of parents let their 16-year-old children sleep the night at a boyfriend or girlfriend's house

  • 53% of children aged 16 and under are permitted to stay out past 11pm

  • 35% of parents have allowed their under-12s to pierce their ears

  • 71% of parents admit that their children have little regard for their authority

  • 55% think that childhood is over by the time their children start secondary school at 11

  • 72% of parents confess to giving their children a much easier ride than they received when they were the same age

  • 67% of parents are worried about the company their children keep.

  • As a parent and as a student who likes to critically analyse information like this, I find this really interesting. Apparently 65% of parents haven't allowed their children to get their ears pierced under 12. I wonder how many French parents "have allowed" their under 18's the opportunity to drink alcohol before the age of 18? And it surprises me greatly that only 67% of parents are worried about the company their children keep- doesn't every parent have worries like these at some stage?

    Interesting stuff. What do you think?

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    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    Tesco Unthank Road II

    The saga rumbles on about the proposed Tesco Express to be built on Unthank Road.
    Residents don't want it, councillors don't want it, Green party officials don't want it but looks like we're going to get it. An independent report declares that the recent refusal for planning permission was wrong and that Tesco have grounds for "significant costs".

    In all four submissions have been made and refused. Each time costs Tesco nothing and costs Norwich people a substantial amount. Now we could be liable to pay Tesco significant costs for refusing to have their shop.

    Tescopoly have a great site outlining their objections to the big store but also all the big supermarkets who wield an alarming amount of power. This page outlines the case against Tesco Metro in high streets and this is a Friends of the Earth paper outlining the way supermarkets get their own way in planning decisions. From that paper:

    The evidence gathered indicates that decisions made by local councils to accept new supermarket stores are in many cases not made on the grounds of retail need, but because the weak planning system and the power imbalance on a local level makes it increasingly difficult for them to refuse.

    I'm thinking about picketing the store once it has been built and has opened.

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