Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23rd December- Homeless at Christmas

The chief executive of charity Crisis said today:
"In a country of 242,000 millionaires, nothing highlights the stark contrast more than the homeless people we will welcome to our centres this Christmas. This recession has hit the poorest hardest and the British public is not prepared for them to bear the brunt of any public spending cuts."

Thank you Lord for the wealth we have been born into
And the homes that give us warmth and shelter
Thank you that are not an aloof God
That you were born into a homeless situation
You know our pain, our struggle.
Please Lord open doors of shelter to those who are cold and without a place to go tonight.
Bless charities such as Crisis, YMCA and Salvation Army who do so much good work with the homeless
Please bring reconciliation, healing and peace this Christmas.
In Jesus. name,

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