Saturday, July 30, 2005

Unknown man

I nearly called this post "Fat Bloke" but for reasons I will try and convey, thought that did him a dis-service. I was out shopping the other day and I saw a very obese man weaving between the islands of produce and my initial thoughts were "Fat git, getting in the way, taking up too much space and moving slowly!"
This made me take a mental step back and I looked in horror at how I was regarding him, judging him according to his size. I instantly revised that snap judgement I thought, "Wow! Good for him remaining out and about, keeping active and just doing ordinary things."

I'm hoping that doesn't come across as patronising but I was shocked at my first initial judgement and I felt like God touched me at the moment of re-evaluation. He was just a man that I don't know, doing the things that everyone does. He has every right to respect and love. I pray that God forgives me for my arrogance and that He will help me to see people as He sees them and not as my prejudices and culture dictate I should see them.

Unknown man, this post is dedicated to you. May you live a happy and prosperous life, surrounded by loved ones and may the hand of God touch your soul. Amen

Family Service

As part of the Family Service team, I was involved in the preparation and presentation of last Sunday's morning service.

I enjoy being part of the team! It's nice to be working with the others to produce an overall "product". It shares the burden of responsibility and gives a diversity of talents which makes a better service IMO.

My part of the service was the memory verse...

I happened to think that my sheep were very cute. Kindly, Lauren and Flea made the faces.
The service was OK but my sheep are now looking for further employment. All interested parties should apply here...

Friday, July 29, 2005

Chapelfield Development

Thinking of how my thoughts are developing after input onto the thread on the NYFC forum:
I am against the new development! In history, grand buildings were usually palaces or cathedrals but the legacy of our age will be huge shopping complexes! What does that say about our society? That we revere and worship God or are the subjects of fortunate individuals? No it means we spend money! SO I'm with Supernova in saying that I'm not going to worship at the temple of consumerism!

But being realistic I have to say I will be curious and venture in there and also be honest to say that I will spend money in shops there because there will be shops I currently go in that will re-open in there (like Boots and H&M). But I will make a conscious effort not to buy meals, snacks or drinks there because I believe there are probably a hundred food establishments that I would rather have my trade than exist in a big mall.

I guess we shall see. In ten years time, the Chapelfield development will be as much of our society as the Castle Mall is now... *sigh!*


I think the centre will give a boost to the economy of the region but it is interesting to think that Norwich is the main shopping centre for a whole county. I'm unsure what facilities King's Lynn has but if it's anything like Dereham it'll only be a glorified market town. I guess the more we build up and develop Norwich, the less likely anywhere else will have a chance to "compete".

I still have issue with consummerism and retail being our main provider of economy but I guess it's a product of our society.

Oh and the roads will cope as the city council are removing more and more parking spaces, hiking up the cost of parking in the city centre and laying on park and ride facilities from all around the edge of the city. It's all part of their grand plan...

As these temples to consuming are built and more and more pilgrims come to worship at the altar, what does this mean for our long term future? What happens as oil reserves start to dry up, as they already are. The 21st equivalent of gold in our temple is plastic and we use it like it's disposable. But eventually it will become precious. How will our temples cope then? How will shops and packaging cope? Will they revert to paper bags or will paper products be in short supply too? We are being asked more and more to recycle (quite rightly) but when will that come into conflict with buying more and more? Will darning socks replace buying new ones and throwing the old ones away? Or will we simply have a box for material scraps to be recycled? And what will they be made into? Rag rugs? Who will buy them?

I see a future where our throw away attitudes will be regarded with shocked appall. And yet our temple is being thrown up with concrete, neon and plastic still hoping to tempt us into worship of throw away goods.

Yes I will visit there, yes I will (probably) shop there but I don't go there to worship and I will be examaining every purchase I make to ensure I don't get caught up in the disposable world.

Questions to ask yourself when you shop:
Do I need this item?
Could I possibly use anything else I currently own?
What is it replacing?
How will I dispose of the old one?
Is it over packaged?
How was this item produced?
What materials did it use?
WHo made it and where?

Let's face it, by the time each question has been answered sufficiently, you don't have much time to purchase anything else!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


I went to the Brickmakers last night to see my friend's husband play in the band Iceni. They were very good and I had a good time (stayed till the end even!) It was good to see Lisa and Sarah there too. I think they've struck up quite a friendship with the other Helen since going to see Will Young with her. It was quite a surprise to see Sean there as well (I think he's friends with the other band members). All in all a good evening and I might well see them again. They're playing next in September on a Thursday night. I can always stop off after work...

Oh you can find out more

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The longer I leave it, the harder it gets

Blogging that is.

Lots have happened. Can't remember any of it...

Some interesting undercurrents on the NYFC forum
Went to a property auction at the Assembly Rooms
Read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Celebrated Lauren's birthday with a BBQ and lots of cake/doughnuts
Trying to get into my portfolio work. Well I am doing some but it all sounds like a load of waffle!
Had an It's a Knockout style tournament at youth club followed by a controlled water fight!

I'm now drinking a very hot cup of tea and I have to go to work in a minute. I'm off to Suffolk Wildlife park with young mums. I'm the mini bus driver...woo!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Radicalised Youth...

I haven't blogged about the bomb attacks in London last week for a variety of reasons: shock, anger and a lack of words to verbalise my feelings. I consider myself a Londoner and I think this event has really had a big impact on me. I am proud of the way that people are rallying in the aftermath. God bless London!

It is now becoming clear that a group of fundamental British Muslims are responsible for the bombings. News reports tell us that possibly 3000 British people have gone through the terror "training camps" in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Details of one of the bombers have been released and it appears that he is a 19 old. None of the bombers stood out as being extremists: they lived normal lives and were fully integrated into the society that they chose to attack. I don't know whether the other bombers were young people too but it seems obvious that extreme groups are manipulating and exploiting devout young men in order to further their cause. Why do these young men feel the need to go down this route? Is it necessarily the "cause" or could it be anything?
I believe that our society can be perceived as so bland and so materialistic that I can understand why young people can feel powerless and angry. I believe that certain individuals and groups are highly adept at channeling this hatred for their own ends. DOes this mean that the cause could be anything, that maybe if they young men had been white they'd have been recruited to the BNP?

I may well edit this because I wanted to say more...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Car thoughts

I wish that the thoughts in my head could come sliding into my computer by fine threads so that I could remember all the genius things that I think on occasion! Oh what a blog I'd have! Full of interesting, off beat thing- quirky and thought provoking. Instead you're stuck with drivel!

I was listening to live tracks from the Arctic Monkeys at the time. They obviously inspired me but I can't think what they inspired now :(

Monday, July 04, 2005

Baptismal Service

Yesterday's service was a really good and moving one. The musicians especially were great and I found myself completely choked with tears during All My Days (Beautiful Saviour). The words:

"I long to be, where the praise is never ending;
Yearn to dwell where the glory never fades,
Where countless worshippers will share one song;
And cries of "worthy" will honour the lamb!"

It was a heaven touching earth moment for me and I could imagine the whole of Hyde Park filled with people singing songs to God instead of being at Live8.

Three people were due to be baptised and they all did their testimonies and then during the hymn, James called antone else forward who wanted to be baptised there and then. I could tell that Naomi was struggling with her flute; it didn't want to be played! She went forward and was baptised too! YAY! That wouldn't have happened with our previous minister as he was keen on it being a well thought through decision. It was cool though.

It spoiled it a little at the end when I tried to congratulate Phil and he was spikey because all his friends were there. Never mind...

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Phil's baptism

Don't often check into MSN and as I've been away this week, this is the first time I've done it in over a week. I had a great email from Phil Reeves (obviously a round robin) inviting me to his baptism. I was so impressed because it has obviously gone out to all his friends imploring them to bring their friends and family, taking out just a couple of hours to see him make this "commitment to Christ". Fantastic- very bold.

And certainly looking forward to it!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Essay Success!

Just to let you know that I got my essays back and got 69% and 70% (an A and a B!) Yay! That's just so great and totally unexpected. Yay!

Friday, July 01, 2005

BBC Children in Need

Have just returned from my time with CiN in Birmingham. I can't believe how much I enjoy it! The whole process happens twice a year: applications are sent to assesors, who then send them to committee members who look at the assessor recommendations and either agree or disagree, we then come together in Birmingham and sort them all out and make the figures balance. It's fasinating looking at some very innovative and well run projects and getting an insight into some very different needs across quite a wide and diverse area. The people too are really interesting and for some of them, it was their last round, which is sad...It does mean that there will be some new people starting in November, when we next meet.

I had a great time. Great people, nice food, time to do something different. Brilliant!